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"Break the Chains" Program

Boarding for Rescues & Animal Welfare is kicking off its “Break the Chain Program” McCoy’s of El Campo, Tx will be partnering with us to help make our program a success! Thank you McCoy’s for your dedication to supporting us & knowing that dogs living on a chain 24/7 is unhealthy, unsafe, inhumane & illegal in TX. Go by McCoy’s & tell them THANK YOU!! Every dog deserves to know what it is like to run free, be treated with dignity and have the freedom to just be a dog.

“Break the Chains” Program goal is to improve the quality of life for dogs chained 24/7. *We do NOT advocate for dogs to live outdoors or in doghouses, but we feel an obligation to provide shelter and as much comfort as we can for a dog. We will work closely with the families to educate them on the proper care of their pet: vaccinating, spay/neuter, heartworm prevention & how to make the dogs part of the family. 

Donate to Break the Chains Program ~ Thank You!

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Request FREEdom for your chained dog

If you’re inquiring about a dog that is not your own, please email us at

In order to qualify for a fence built we need some information from you. All dogs must be spayed or neutered unless there is a medical reason (age/health) not to alter. If your dog is NOT spayed or neutered, this MUST be done before your fence is built. We can direct you to a spay/neuter assistance program to help with spay/neuter. Please enter your information below so we can contact you.

You should expect to receive a call within a few days from a B4RAW volunteer.

Break the Chains Application


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Additional Information/Dog's Living Conditions**

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